August 25, 2011

International Plain Language Day – October 13 – Let’s make this the Everyday Day

Are you, like me, wondering what to do to mark International Plain Language Day coming up this October 13?

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All Day – Wednesday, September 7.
Twitter – Tweet using #iplday
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Skype – keycafe07 hosting one-hour online chats at 8am and 3 pm Mountain Time. Email with your Skype name to join.


I’m sharing ideas. Please share your ideas in the comments or join the chats online.

Organize a friendly competition

Plain Language Bee

Organize this as a team competition or like a traditional spelling bee. Pick some esoteric terms-perhaps related to your industry—and see who can offer good plain language replacements quickly.

Design crossword puzzles using esoteric words as clues and plain language answers in your puzzle.

Rewrite an existing song as a plain language anthem

Have groups perform the results. Offer a prize to the person or team who does the best job of it.

Sponsor an art contest on the theme of clarity

Reconceptualize Jargon

Take some jargon words and get people to reconceptualize them so you can never use them again without laughing. Dorrie Ratzlaff did so with these Bathetic Words. Bathetic Words

Start a Plain Klingon Movement

My favorite idea by far.


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